Endurance Range Size Guide

Tolerance: Textile Construction & Printing

Construction Process

Each textile factory will have its own quality control rules/tolerances to follow.

Fabrics are highly malleable, which means it is easy to influence their shape. During production, these fabrics will require handling by both humans and machines. This leads to varying and unpredictable results when cutting and assembling garments.

The chances of two garments being identical are incredibly slim. However, the manufacturer would consider them both to be acceptable - if they're within the tolerance range.

Tolerance in Textile Construction

For textile manufacturers, there will be a tolerance for measurements when cutting the pieces used for assembly. No two garments are likely to be identical - even if they're the same product and size.

Tolerance in Textile Printing

We will always try to meet specific measurements for positioning and consider our accuracy to be some of the best in our industry. However, we can still only treat these specifications as guidance. We allow for a discrepancy of up to 2cm from the target distance. We do not consider variations less than this to be misprints.