Benefits of Sublimation

There are no limitations to the colours and designs you can use.
There are no extra decoration costs, the garment is ready to sell.
Sublimation produces vibrant colours making it the perfect process
for photographic images.
The printing process generates a soft feel finish, unlike embroidery.
Sublimation print will not crack, peel or fade over time.
Sublimated garments never go out of style, fashion or stock.
Each garment is individually designed and custom made so there is no
need to worry that it will ever be discontinued or out of stock.
Once an initial design is generated on file it can be amended or
reproduced as and when you require.

Anything is Possible

Providing us with a brief or even a sketch allows us to create exactly what your looking for the way you imagined...

Whats Next?

Once details have been confirmed, we can move onto setting up the CAD and finalizing any details, this will be added to a job sheet confirming your colours, fit, neckline and also your quantities and numbers required.


Once the job sheet has been approved, we move onto the print artwork stage, this will be sent to you for final approval to make sure your happy with logo placement and sizes along with design.

Confirm shipping details, addresses, and any specific handling instructions to ensure smooth delivery. Ensuring clarity and precision in each of these areas will facilitate a seamless and satisfactory custom kit ordering process for both you and your customers.