What is Sublimation?

1. Sublimation dyes are loaded into our market-leading Mimaki printers. We use CMYK colour references.

2. Detailed images are then printed onto coated heat-resistant transfer paper as a reverse image of the final design.

3. Heat is applied to the press to transfer ink onto polyester fabric at a temprature of 200°C

4. Once the ink has fused into the pores of the fabric the garment panels are manually cut from the reel.

5. The panels  are then sewn together to create a finished sublimated garment.

Benefits of Sublimation

There are no limitations to the colours and designs you can use

There are no extra decoration costs, the garments are ready to sell.

Sublimation produces vibrant colours making it the perfect process for photographic images.

The printing process generates a soft feel finish, unlike embroidery.

Sublimation print will not crack, peel or fade over time.

Sublimated garments never go out of style, fashion or stock.

Each garment is individually designed and custom made so there is no need to worry that it will ever be discontinued or out of stock.

Once an initial design is generated on file it can be amended or reproduced as and when you require.

Order Process

The first stage in the order process is to provide us with all the information we require to complete your order. We will need a detailed brief in order to have a clear understanding of your exact requirements. To assist you we can send you one of our Munshini job sheet templates so that you can create your own design and send it back to us, alternatively you can send us an existing design if you wish.


We would ask that you send any images or logos in VECTOR format to achieve the highest quality detailed resolution possible for the printing process.


You can inform us which colours you require by providing either a standard pantone reference, or you can use our India colour chart to decide which colours you require. We can send to you our colour chart on request. (Please note that we CANNOT print your CMYK or RGB references as the printer profile and ink we use may differ)


Once the initial design is completed to your satisfaction we will send it to you for penultimate authorisation. If you are happy to proceed we would ask you to complete a final job sheet with relevant sizes, number of garments, etc and send it back to us.


We will use the information you provide to create the necessary artwork on our system ready to print. When we have set up the artwork on file we will send it back to you for one last check for logo sizes, proportions, etc to make sure each garment looks exactly as you require.


On receipt of your final confirmation, the artwork will be sent to be printed, heat pressed, cut and sewn.

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